Our Craftsmanship

Traditional production process

Drying process of Kampo essence

Although the facility has been modernized, the way to manufacture Kampo medicine hasn’t changed. It’s made by measuring the ingredients, boiling them carefully until the essence is extracted, and drying and shaping them. No matter how cumbersome the process is, we never cut it and we believe it to be the ordinary. For us, continuing the ordinary is ordinary.

Inherited and improved methods

The scratches on the desk tell our history.

No matter how things are mechanized, human is the center of craftsmanship. As our product is taken into our body to work as medicine, every step shouldn’t be neglected. We believe our 100 years of history is based on our pride in our products and the sense of responsibility in our work. All of staff members are professional and meisters because they successfully inherit the process without deteriorating it, which is difficult to accomplish.

We are fans of Shokakudo Kampo.

We too are users of Shokakudo Kampo.

Our company is small and everyone knows each other. As a team, we strive to make the best Kampo medicine. What we have in common is being fans of Shokakudo Kampo medicine because of their effectiveness and we aspire to support producing and promoting them. This means all staff members in the departments of production, research, administration, and management are involved with inheriting Kampo made by Shokakudo.

Quality Control

Why do we continue manufacturing unprofitable medicines?

In addition to ordinary granules, we make old style pills including the long-seller “Chomeigan.” It takes more than a month to make pills from Kampo essence without using too much additives. To be honest, this is not efficient.

However, we continue to make the medicine because we know it helps patients. To serve as many patients as possible, we do not change our recipe.