Feel Kampo Medicine

Is Kampo medicine the soup of crude drugs?

We prepare the ingredients according to the recipe and boil them carefully. Kampo medicine is soup of crude drugs. While the original liquid made by boiling the ingredients is called “decoction,” we can also solidify it for easier taking.

Embodiment of natural blessings

Chinpi (tangerine peel)

Even though the names of crude drugs may sound unfamiliar to you, they are made from familiar ingredients including “ginger,” “artemisia,” and “tangerine.” Of course, their essences have their own tastes and flavors. If you are still trying not to taste them, enjoy their flavors and tastes as you may like them like regular foods.

Your body decides which crude drug should be absorbed.

Kampo medicine leaves the reaction to the body. For example, a crude drug “Mao” is both sudorific and anti-sudorific. When it’s taken, our body chooses the way to react according to the condition. If sweating is necessary, Mao works to promote sweating. And when sweating is unnecessary, it stops sweating.

You body knows which Kampo medicine works for you.
For a hundred years, we have been studying to find the best Kampo medicine for your body.

Benefits of our Kanpo Medicine

Does delicious Kampo medicine work?

After trying several Kampo medicine, you may like the taste of some medicine better than the others. Or, you may feel the same medicine tastes differently depending on the body condition.

We have found many cases that tempt us to deduce that the things we feel delicious are what we need to take. However, it hasn’t been proven scientifically.

Yet, our senses are highly sensitive and you can also choose your Kampo medicine by their tastes. Of course, some medicines are not delicious. You know, “good medicine tastes bitter.”