Quality Control

100% inspection of ingredients and products

Our Kampo medicine is made with thorough hygienic management and quality control. All lots of crude drugs and manufactured Kampo medicine are inspected by our quality control management. No article with problems goes to the further process.

To deliver reassurance

We protect quality.

Because we use natural ingredients, we take a high priority in the inspection process. Our inspection is hyper-rigorous just because we want our patients feel the blessings bestowed by nature with confidence.

Personalized care

Since Kampo medicine is a pharmaceutical product, it may cause allergic reactions just like food. So if it doesn’t agree with the body, it won’t work. We are confident of our products and make every effort to choose the medicine that best agrees with each patient.

Do not take the medicine without feeling the effect. Please give us a call, as we are ready to choose the best one for you.

How to get started

Suspicious medicine doesn’t work!?

Kampo medicine lets the body to select active ingredients instead of forcing uniform reactions. No matter how good the active ingredient is, it shouldn’t work unless the body takes it.

Our mind and emotion heavily influence our body conditions. If you are suspicious about a medicine, your body doesn’t take it. This is why we strive to manufacture top-quality products. Kampo medication starts only after you feel reassured about the medicine.