Our mission

We need to be healthy to live a happy life. Because we hope everyone will live a healthy life, we chose Kampo medicine, based on the wisdom of Oriental medicine.

Regain natural body condition

Yoshitake Tatebayashi
President of Tatebayashi Shokakudo

By developing culture, human beings have learned how to control air, produce food regardless of the season, and live life with no need to distinguish day from night. However, we cannot fully adjust to such “advanced life” because we have lived naturally along with four seasons. In fact, the majority of modern people suffer from “presymptomatic disease,” or neither being ill nor healthy.” This is a clear indication of the loss of natural cycling in our body. We must try to maintain the best balance in our body.

Power of life focused on oriental medical approach

Interestingly, oriental medical practitioners believe in the power of life. For example, the famous Kampo medicine “Kakkontoh” containing crude drugs which warm the body promote fever and sweating to solve the problem. This approach is completely the opposite of the Western approach using a different drug, antifebrile, to bring down the fever. While Western medicine is highly effective to the illness or injury whose causes can be clearly identified and other serious symptoms, we believe that Oriental medicine works best for slight health problem and maintaining health.

We continue to make the best Kampo medicine.

The same food tastes differently in each restaurant even if they share the recipe. The same goes for Kampo medicine as each medicine is different. Our medicines have never been mass-produced because we have been making every medicine with the greatest care.

In 2019, we will celebrate our 100th year in business. Our confidence and pride come from our loyal customers for generations and we look forward to serving our future customers.

From the next century, we will continue to provide the best Kampo medicine for the healthy life of our customers.

Our History