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Kampo medication starts with “diagnosis.”

The essential part in Kampo is to diagnosis the right medicine for the patient’s condition. Just because some people have the same symptom, doesn’t mean the causes are the same. So, it’s important to select the medicine right for each patient.

Here’s an example. There’s a fat person and a thin person. They both have a stomachache. Do they have the same cause? If the cause is misjudged and the wrong medicine is chosen, Kampo medicine never works. Please contact our specialists, as it’s very difficult to judge things just by reading the list of efficacy on the package.

Our spirit is to give the right choice to patients.

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Diagnosis is the main part of our medication. Using the Shokakudo Kampo system based on the literatures from all ages and cultures, research, and practices, we draw the best formula for each patient. We value every piece of information about the patient: history of illness, face, complexion, physical type, let alone the current symptoms. So if possible, please visit us when you have ample time to talk to us. You can of course call us if you cannot visit us.

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Selecting medicine based on the symptom

Some of our prescriptions are widely effective to a certain symptom and you can try them if you cannot consult with us in person. In this case, please start with low doses and contact us, if it doesn’t agree with your body.

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