How to use Kampo Medicine

Believe in your own vitality

All symptoms are reactions of your body. In other words, a symptom is the testament of your healing capacity and healing is all about regaining the natural state. The roll of Kampo medicine is to support the healing. Remember. The leading player is always your body.

Take time

If you want to stop the painful symptom instantly, Western medicine will work for you. If you are having a slight health problem or suffering from chronic symptoms, Kampo medicine helps you. The goal of Kampo medication is to help you reach the state where you don’t need to take medicines by providing you the medicine right for you. However, it takes time to cure because the current symptom had developed over time. So, please take time. Do not try to cure the illness. Instead, try to improve your living and constitution.

Live a life where your body feels happy.

Having a digestive medicine doesn’t mean you can debauch. The better you understand the philosophy and usage of Kampo, the more serious you try to improve diet and living habit. “Yojyo” is the way of life to maintain health by diet, exercise, sleep, and rest. Yojyo is the primary part of health and we strongly recommend you to find your own Yojyo when you start using Kampo.

Frequentry Asked Questions

Medicine itself cannot cure illnesses?

The fact that medicine itself cannot cure illness is often misunderstood. It’s the healing capacity that connects the broken bone and a doctor can only apply a splint. The same goes for internal medicine. Compared to Western medicine practitioners who aim to attack pathogens, Eastern medicine practitioners aim to support the body. As Kampo medicine is becoming popular because it improves immunity, it is now being used in Western medicine as well.

Believe in your body’s amazing power.
Symptoms such as fever, cough and snivel, are healthy reactions of your body being in good shape.